UPDATESSSSS (because curiosity)

Anna: Soooo, as most of you are dying to know…here’s some updates on my bubbling love life and other such shenanigans.

Lauren: I still don’t like bubbling.

Lindsay: It’s not even bubbling. It’s nonexistent. Like, on a heart monitor, it’s about like, beep…..beeeeeep….beep.

Lauren: It’s like almost like a fish that’s dead.

Anna: …

Lindsay: A dwindling love life.

Lauren: THAT’S THE RIGHT ADJECTIVE. Also, Lindsay is our friend, one of the only females of the saxophone studio.

Anna: Holla. ANYWAY.

Lauren: Anna went on a date, we don’t think he loved Jesus, he asked her out again…

Anna: AND I HAD TO HARDCORE FRIENDZONE HIM. I just…what does “hanging out” even mean? Like, are we hanging on a cliff, just…hanging out??

Lindsay: Waiiiit, you’re not giving me a code name? I’m just Lindsay? *raspberry noise*

Anna and Lauren: Uhmmmm, yeah.

Anna: Anyway. So, we didn’t even end up watching a movie about love because it was just…awkward. Like, he was super nice and everything, don’t get me wrong, but, just I don’t know.

Lauren: She didn’t like him.

Anna: I didn’t like him. So that’s pretty much the update except that it’s FINALS WEEK AND I WANT TO DIE AND CRY AND JUST WEEP IN ANGUISH.

Lauren: Except, now I’m doooooone, doooooooooooooone!!!!!!!!!

Anna: …I’ve got two more to go. I almost died in the music theory one today. Like, it was bad. REAL bad. Basically it was a final that eats other finals for dinner and then asks for another one for dessert. That’s how bad it was.

Lauren: Also…total tangent…but I realized that I blush more easily that I thought.

Anna: Expound. Please.

Lauren: One of my coworkers offered to set me up with his RA and I panicked.

Anna: She panicked.

Lauren: And blushed. Hardcore.

Anna: Crimson. ‘Twas the red carpet on her face. She camouflaged beautifully.

Lauren: I actually honestly don’t remember the last time I blushed that bad.

Anna: I do….but I’m assuming we can’t go there?

Lauren: You deduced correctly, Sherlock.

Anna: Thanks Watson. Anyways, so the fabulous Lauren is going to Florida with our other friend who is also fabulous (shoutout to Brea) and she’s going to relax for the week while I enter a committed relationship with Netflix, sleep, and food.

Lauren: The commitment was already there…so is it just more committed?

Anna: Yes. Yes it is. So, yeah. Finals week, a couple more days to go, we’re dying from the workload, but slowly the light is able to seen at the end of the tunnel.

Lauren: And just when we feel back to normal…SECOND SEMESTER!!! Like a brick train.

Anna: Brick wall?

Lauren: Brick train. It’s a combination of speed and force. Knocks you over…unexpectedly. That’s what makes it deadly. It’s sooooo unexpected.

Anna: …why are we friends again? JK, I LOVE YOU. But if any of you have any crazy stories about the fiasco known as finals, feel free to share them in the comments below! We’d love to hear them from ya’ll!


xoxo Lauren and Anna



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