The Best Comebacks Of All Time. Ever. The End.

Lauren: So, we were talking about how, in the moment, we all have a hard time with coming up with good comebacks.

Anna: I mean, I don’t know about you, but after someone says something “brisk”, I’m sort of speechless, like, why would you say that to me? But then, 5 minutes later, I have a perfect comeback.

Lauren: And she wishes that she had the Doctor on speed dial to borrow his Tardis and just casually go back 5 minutes to really tell “Bob” what was on her mind! But like, we wish we always had the Tardis, so…yeah.

Anna: I can’t believe the new season’s not on yet.

Lauren: It’s okay, we’ll watch it in heaven.

Anna: After we die of old age.

Lauren: Because…Stephen Moffat hates the world.


Lauren: We struggle with comebacks. I always think of them not in the moment, then freak out when I DO actually come up with a good one and people are like, “Doesn’t matter. You’re dumb.”

Anna: I don’t think you’re dumb.

Lauren: Thanks.

Anna: Gotchu.

Lauren: So we decided that the next time someone says something and we can’t come up with anything in less than 5 seconds…

Anna: Because that’s the acceptable time span before it gets awkward…

Lauren: It’s like the 5 second rule for food, except it’s comebacks…

Anna: We decided that we’re just gonna make an annoying noise or throw the comeback back at THEM.

Lauren: Watch this.

Lauren: Hey, Anna…

Anna: Hey, what.

Lauren: You’re a poopface.

Anna: …nyeeeeeeee *angry noise making*

Lauren: You nailed it.

Anna: Thank you. Hey, Lauren.

Lauren: Whaaaaaat.

Anna: Your face is dumb.


Anna: See? Works like a charm.

Lauren: But your face isn’t actually dumb.

Anna: And you’re not a poopface.

Lauren: Thanks.

Anna: *winks*

Lauren: I hate it when you do that.

Anna: …I know. :3

Lauren: Anyway, time for an update since we haven’t been on here in a LONG time.

Anna: College sucks. Update #1.



Lauren: Update #3: I got an internship with St. Mary’s!

Anna: Update #4: I did not get an internship…BUT. I might be working as a writing consultant next semester!

Lauren: Wooohoooo! *happy dance* Update #5: We’re moving to Seattle.

Anna: Update #6: We are not.

Lauren: Update #7: Somewhere rainy then?

Anna: Update #8: Sure.

Lauren: Update #9: Perf.

Anna: Update #10: Our lives are not that interesting, but, um, we have grand adventures sometimes.

Lauren: UM, ALL THE TIME. All day, erryday.

Anna: …No, a lot of stuff has happened, my dad made it through cancer…


Anna: I’ve had more opportunities for performances, and so much more.

Lauren: I’ve been busy with work and school and life. I’ve joined a bible study that meets at the same time as church orchestra so I’ve given that up. I just feel like God is directing me to do that instead of orchestra for the time being.

Anna: I’ve made new friends…

Lauren: I TOLD YOU SO. *dance*

Anna: And overall, I feel pretty content with this year even though it’s had its ups and downs. Lauren?

Lauren: It’s been one of the hardest years of my life, not gonna lie, going through changes with relationships, figuring out what I’m going to do for the rest of my life, but God has been very faithful and revealed Himself in so many ways. He is good.

Anna: I completely agree. I think that this year has taught me to lean on Him because He is the one constant in this volatile world.

Lauren: Yes.

Anna: Anyway, hopefully this update finds all of our loyal friends on the other side of winter and looking forward to summer break or at least warmer weather!

Lauren: Amen. A thousand times yes. Until next time!

xoxo Anna and Lauren

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