Thoughts on Peace

Hey Everyone! It’s just Lauren here. Anna and I have started a new semester and we barely get to see each other, so we haven’t had time to do any writing together, so you’re stuck with just me for this one. 😉

This semester has been really crazy for both Anna and me. She’s working hard in her music classes and I’m taking a bit more that what our school says is a full load. It’s only three weeks into the semester, and we’re both already counting down the weeks until it’s done. I keep telling my mom that I don’t want to wish my life away, but I’ll be excited to be done with this chapter.

With all of the homework, rehearsals, family responsibilities, and more, life can (read as: is) stressful. We’re struggling to get everything done today, and professors are telling us that we need to think about down the road, to our future careers. It’s good advice and all, but it just adds stress and worry. It feels as though we’re drowning in everything.

But you know what? I have peace. ‘

When I say “peace,” most people probably think of the peace “that passes all understanding,” but I think that there is a second type. It’s the kind of peace where you just have to grab on to it with both hands and refuse to let go. The kind of peace where even though there are these chaotic things going on around you, all you’re doing is looking into the eyes of Jesus and trusting that He will get you through it.

The peace that I have is the second type. My life is not perfect. Every day, I struggle, I doubt myself, I worry about getting it all done. But at the end of the day, regardless of what grades I’ve gotten or what my professors and peers think of me, I know that God is good.

And that fact is what allows me to be at peace.

xoxo Lauren

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