My Bubbling Love Life (But not really)


Lauren: Bubbling love life? That’s a terrible title.
Anna: I’m going for it. So. As many of you know…I bring ALL the boys to the yard. I practically have to kick them off my doorstep.

Lauren: I gave her a stick for her last birthday so she could scare them away. Just kidding…didn’t I give you a devotional?

Anna: …Yeah…you’re right. But anyway. I’m just so wanted and desired.

Lauren and Anna: *LAUGHTER*

Anna: Just kidding. I’m single as a pringle except not, because pringles are constantly spooning so like…I’m single-er than a pringle.

Lauren: ANYWAYS. Anna got a date this weekend and I’m freaking out because I’m so excited for her. But she’s…well she’s just freaking out. Period.


Lauren: Wait, he’s a man. Boy-man. Man-boy. I don’t know.

Anna: …Man…I don’t maaaan.

Lauren: So Anna asked me to come over Friday night after she gets back from her date so she can spill all the beans and if it doesn’t go well, to be her moral support.

Anna: I figured we could watch a movie and cuddle and just be best fraaands and stuff and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WATCH A MOVIE ABOUT LOVE.

Lauren: Anna has a complex. So…which movie do you want to watch?

Anna: I don’t know. I just don’t really want to watch the two leads end up together.

Lauren: …So. Romeo and Juliet sound okay? I mean, they kill themselves. It doesn’t get any better than that. I’m kidding. How about Confessions of a Shopaholic?

Anna: *stares indignantly*

Lauren: …Oh yeah. They end up together.

Anna: I could go for some Hamlet though! I like Ophelia.

Lauren: In that case, well, WE MIGHT AS WELL WATCH THE LION KING.

Anna: *raised eyebrow*

Lauren: …Oops. Nala and Simba.


Lauren: Because I’m sure that’d go over well in the box office.


Lauren: Is this in English? Will I even understand it?

Anna: Well I mean, there’s SUBTITLES.

Lauren: *gives look*

Anna: The music’s great.

Lauren: The storyline would suck! Where’s the climax?

Anna: When he goes to war. Halfway through the movie. It’s actually really sad.

Lauren: We’re not watching it.


Lauren: …Too soon.

Clearly, we cannot make up our minds. So, if you have any suggestions of a movie that DOESN’T involve the characters falling in love, or dying brutal deaths…leave them in the comments below! 🙂

xoxo Lauren and Anna
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Who in the World Are These Two Chicks?!

Hey Everyone!

We have decided that introductions are in order, because politeness. And because you all should probably be warned what you’re getting into.

Our names are Anna and Lauren, and we met at our church. We’ve been really close friends for almost 5 years now (Our 5th friendiversary is coming up in February. We know, we’re precious.) When we were in high school, we helped each other get through the days by texting nonstop.

Lauren: Well, I stopped when I had class.

Anna: Yeah…I didn’t…

Anyways, that really brought us close together as we sent Bible verses, stories of funny things that happened, or tales of what made us not be able to even. This year we’re both attending Grand Valley State University, so it’s been a big change for us to be able to see each other every day. It’s been wonderful to eat lunch together most days 🙂

We have the same humor, and we never fail to crack each other up, even when we’re having rough days.

Lauren: I’m a public administration and communication studies major…

Anna: Which is fancy for “being in charge of people.”

Lauren: …And I have some really “fun” and interesting professors in my life. Most of which revolve around “Beardman”…

Anna: That clever code name tho…

Lauren: ANYWAY, during our lunch breaks, we usually end up sharing stories about classmates, professors, family matters, random strangers, the muskrat that we SWEAR teleports everywhere, and basically all the intricate, detailed pieces of our lives.

Anna: We’re fascinating. Well, I’m a music education major and I’m majoring in saxophone. My saxophone professor whose name shall be “The Fred”..

Lauren: The Fred?

Anna: The Fred. He’s provided with some very strange and unusual stories, not to mention the classmates that I have to basically spend 10 hours a day with. Thus, with my adventures in the PAC (performing arts center aka home) and Lauren’s adventures amongst the rest of the campus, we have a grand time together.

Lauren: Some of our favorite hobbies include making fun of Anna’s brother (Codename: Poopface. But we really love him. It’s just good fun…and he’s a poopface…it all works out). He’s a huge inspiration to our humor and comedic gold. Seriously, the stuff that comes out of his mouth…

Anna: Say Mammalian Diving Reflex one more time…

Lauren: Sadly, yes, that has come out of his mouth…and ladies, he’s available. 😉

Anna: But besides making our brother the butt of our jokes, we also love discussing Jane Austen book and how Colin Firth kicks Matthew Macfadyen’s butt. And how perfect Mr. Knightley is…seriously. Jane Austen knows what’s up.

Lauren: ALSO, other than our obsession for all things Jane Austen, we love going to the opera, symphony concerts, random escapades that Poopface drags us along on and just generally, being our fabulous selves *channels Miranda Sings* <—check her out on youtube if you don’t get the reference

Anna: But you forgot the most important part. Not only do we love old novels, but we love older writers as well.

Lauren: Like…Moses?

Anna: …Is it blasphemy if I say no?

Lauren: I don’t know. Ask God?

Anna: …Okieee. ANYWAY. We love to dream about the fact that when we get to heaven, we’ll get to meet all sorts of “heroes/heroines” and chat…


Anna: Like, good ol’ Shakie.

Lauren: Shakespeare.

Anna: And Em.

Lauren: Emily Dickinson. We’d ESPECIALLY be besties with Emily. We be tight.

Anna: And don’t forget…Michael and Gabriel.

Lauren: They probably hate us. But we like to think that those two archangels look down at us and amidst all the facepalming they do at our jokes about them, they laugh and prize us as two silly girls after God’s own heart.

Anna: So I lied. This is the most important fact about us.

Lauren: Despite living in a secular world and going to a secular school, we love Jesus with all our hearts and try to live for Him every day in a way that pleases Him.

Anna: We want to share the love of Christ with those around us and show that Christianity isn’t just a set of “dos and don’ts” but is a relationship with God that we can’t even fathom.

Lauren: That being said, we hope that you all journey with us through this blog as we grow, and as our adventures take us on unforeseen paths.

Anna: Enjoy! Toodles, until next time…

xoxo Anna and Lauren (Btdubs, in the picture featuring us, Poopface is making an appearance as well…the face is why he’s called what he’s called :P)

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The Everyday Struggles of Mr. Darcy

Dear Diary,

Today, I was told that I had hair like a Disney princess.

I find this offensive since I am a man. Not amused. I was walking with Elizabeth down the pastures of my grand mansion and was ever so pleased with the beautiful orchids, but she did not seem to care. I was heartbroken, since she knows how sensitive I am. Even after our marriage, words come so hard. I do little more than grunt and look sadly upon her from day to day. I believe she is bored. Oh well. I like her face…she likes my riches. It works.

It is time to get another sculpture chiseled of my perfection. And by perfection…I mean my chin. Elizabeth’s family says that I am a strong, strong, strong…chinned man. I know they die of jealousy inside. Sometimes I think they love my body more than my riches. Does anyone even know I can hear them when they speak so? I will document more at another time.

All my love,

Fitzwilliam Darcy xoxo